About network180

A mentor shares the experience of coping with a chronic mental illness that helps another person who lives with schizophrenia.

A family struggling with a child having trouble in school and at home learns new coping skills.

A business is developed by a person with cerebral palsy that surprises both family and friends.

Thirty days of sobriety for a person struggling with alcohol leads to a ten year journey of recovery that includes new relationships, meaningful employment, and many contributions to the community.

Just like diabetes, heart disease, or other physical health problems, mental illnesses and substance use disorders can have biological causes and specific symptoms. They can cause physical problems, harm relationships, and interfere with family, school, and employment. A developmental disability can make it very difficult to learn things most of us take for granted like tying a shoe, counting to ten, or even the ability to control physical movements and speak clearly.

The good news is recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder is possible through supports and treatment. Although there is no cure for a developmental disability, a full system of services are available that help support self determined lives for children, adults, their families, and friends.